Narves1biblioteket (N1B/Sev&11library) was initiated in February 2015. But was originally established in 1966 by founder Gunna Salves.

N1B is a distributor and producer of comics, small press and events and also a lot of other mediums and activities. The todays workers of N1B met at Oslo National Academy of the Arts in Norway.

If you have questions, suggestions or wants to collarborate, never hesitate to contact narves1b@gmail.com
or meet us in Oslo
or visit instagram

christa barlinn korvald
97419677 christakorvald(at)gmail.com

sunniva aurora dybvig
97715892 sunnivadybvig(at)gmail.com

herman breda enkerud
45887953 hermanenkerud(at)gmail.com