Hi! What is Stock1Library?

Stock1Library (former N1B Scanpix) is your free library of images delievered by Narves1biblioteket (N1B). We believe in sharing. We hope you will enjoy this universe of pictures and always will credit Stock1Library/N1B when publishing.

How can I use Stock1Library?

Search in a overflow of pictures on our mainpage with using cmd+f and typing in what you are looking for. We will then mark every picture having this tag. Then press save as with your righty cursor and the picture will be yours to download.

I want to donate!

We strive every day to make Stock1Library and N1B free in use. Therefore we are extremely thankful for every small amount of donation. If you want to be one of the donators please send a chosen amount of money to our VIPPS account or contact us by e-mail

Thanks for using Stock1Library.